Low-Level Laser Therapy for Capillus Growth

Both men and women can lose hair at any age. Most of the times, people believe they lose hair due to misinformed myths and misconceptions. Some say that stress or wearing caps or hat too often could be the cause of hair loss and thinning. Others believe that over usage of hair products or blow drying could be the reason behind hair loss and thinning. However, the grim truth is that most of the hair loss is a genetically inherited condition from your parent. In some case, hormonal imbalance and age contribute to hair loss. People losing hair partly or completely have tried to cope with the situation by trying a number of solutions. Some wear hats, wigs and toupees to hide the condition. Others are creative by combing thicker areas of hair to hide the balding spots. Others go for oral or topical drugs that are said to trigger hair growth. Few prefer hair transplant surgery which is very expensive. All of these solutions are not great to consider since they do not solve the root cause of the hair loss which is the function of the hair follicle which is failing. Low-level laser therapy has been discovered to be effective in the restoration of hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle to grow. Check out  https://www.capillus.com/capillus82 to learn more.

When hair loss and baldness begins to appear, the hair follicle becomes abnormal in a condition referred to as a miniaturized follicle that eventually leads to producing weak and thin hair that lacks luster. As time progresses, the miniaturized hair follicles become dominant making the thinning hair insufficient to cover the bald spots on the head. Low-level laser hair restoration therapy functions by penetration the scalp about some few millimeters. It subsequently triggers the body's mechanism to repair and heal the miniaturized hair follicles. This, in turn, normalizes the hair cell functions and reverses the function of miniaturized hair follicles causing hair growth. It is a non-surgical operation that has proved to be very much successful in hair restoration. This form of laser therapy does not change the molecular structure of the hair follicle. It does not cause burns or injuries since it does not have any thermal component. Numerous studies have indicated that low-level laser therapy increases blood flow within the scalp which contributes partly to hair growth while halting the progression of hair loss as it enhances and repairs hair shaft quality. This should be the most viable hair restoration therapy that you should be thinking of. Here's how laser hair treatments work:  https://youtu.be/bSSKo4_hh08